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Hey! I'm the founder of this student-service project. A sophomore at LUMS. An aficionado Anthropologist at heart. CEO of a Child Labor NGO. Adrenaline Junkie. Photographer. An experimental scribbler. Freelancer. Hardcore wanderer. You'll mostly see me writing about the contemporary issues.

Critique on “Don’t Close Guantanamo” by Jennifer


Link To Original Article “Don’t Close Guantanamo” is a New York Times article written by Jennifer Daskal, who is a fellow and adjunct professor at Georgetown Law Center. She has served as counsel to the assistant attorney general for national…
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Agenda of IMF and East Asia Crisis

IMF, agenda

IMF was created on some market failure basis. Keynes, the founder of IMF was afraid that market if left alone, may destroy people and make them unemployed. He pointed out the market failures and possible problems and gave IMF as…
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